January 2017 Members Meeting

For our first meeting of 2017 it was straight down to business.  Instead of a speaker we spent the first part of the evening discussing the six resolutions which had been put forward for adoption.  There was a wide variety of subjects, ranging from mental health issues to “plastic soup”, from the problem of loneliness in rural areas to female genital mutilation.  We split into groups to discuss in depth each of the proposed resolutions and, with the aid of a little wine and cheese, we were able to investigate fully each of the issues put forward.    Of the six subjects two are selected after voting by each individual WI member countrywide to go forward to be adopted. At this point the National Federation of Women’s Institutes in London will promote one of the issues.  The WI has been instrumental in making huge changes to our lives – the “Keep Britain Tidy” slogan began with the WI and perhaps that is why we are regarded as a force to be reckoned with!

If you have ever thought about joining the WI perhaps now is the time to do so, as next month we have our old friend Chris Shaw coming to give her talk entitled “Tigers”.  Chris is much travelled and always enchants us with her travelogues. Another of our friends will be returning – and we make no apology for inviting the delightful Anthony Thorp in March. He will be talking about Town Twinning between Dorset and France.  Our programme continues in April with a talk by Peter Down, Chairman of the Board of Dorset County Museum.  His talk is entitled “Past Present and Future of Dorset County Museum” and should prove to be very interesting.  And then as we greet Spring – we hope – we shall be welcoming Sally Mead who is bringing her alpacas to meet us.  If the alpacas want to come to the WI, perhaps you would like to as well!   This will be a “hands on” evening so we will be able to get up close and personal to the lovely alpacas.  Our programme continues to be varied and interesting, and we hope provides something for everyone.  If this has tempted you to come along, then please do so.  You may come as a visitor, without joining, for twoabsolutely free meetings.  But if you would like to make us a permanent fixture in your diaries then we shall be delighted to welcome you into our ever-growing WI.   For more information please ring Leri on 07879 405698 or Barbara on 854794. You may well meet existing friends there, and you are certain to make more.

Barbara Seeby