We hope this page will keep you updated in terms of what is happening during these unprecedented times.

Please note that County Office is closed to members until further notice.

Please read carefully but may we ask for your patience in terms of any personal contact in terms of refunds, etc as County Office personnel will be dealing with things as soon as they can but will be extremely busy, as you can imagine.

Topics covered are listed below and to save scrolling down you can click on the title below :

DFWI Event Cancellations
DFWI General Notices
Walking Netball 

DFWI Event Cancellations    Please see the Events page where cancelled events are struck through and say if they are cancelled.

DFWI General Notices
WIs are encouraged to follow any current Government guidelines and FAQs for WIscan be viewed under "NFWI FAQS" below.

Please click on the following link to access :  NFWI FAQs