All meetings are held on the third Monday of the month in Beaminster Public Hall, Fleet Street, Beaminster :

April until July :   7.00pm until 9.00pm
August :  No meeting
September until March :  2.00pm until 4.00pm

The full programme for May 2023 until April 2024 is shown below (past dates are shown as a history) :

 18 Mar '24
   2.00pm - 4.00pm 
Speaker :  Bridgette Baker
"Farming & The Local Community" 
 15 Apr '24
   7.00pm - 9.00pm 
"Annual Meeting"


Monday, 19 February
Chris Stephens spoke about the History of Trade, and Ropemaking in Bridport.

Monday, 15 January 2024
Members were invited to vote on the current year's Resolutions, and the remainder of the meeting was a social to celebrate the WI's 106th birthday.

Monday, 11 December
Our members' Christmas Party was a success.  Christmas music, Prosecco or soft drinks, plenty of food, a Christmas Quiz, and cocktails if wanted, presented by two delightful gentlemen in DJs   -   what more could be required.  It was a recipe for a really good time.

Monday, 20 November
Sadly, our speaker needed to cancel but a member and her husband kindly stepped in and gave a most interesting talk about Frida Kahlo.

Monday, 16 October
Aidan Smith gave a very informative presentation about the Royal British Legion; its history and the role it continues to play in today's society.  The RBL is involved in so many ways in helping those in need, and is as relevant today as it was in its early days.  There is no requirement to have served in any of the Armed Forces to become a member of the RBL.

Monday, 18 September
Members were certainly treated with a very lively talk on the many hat "types" and presented with a wonderful selection of hats which, following Susan Outhwaite's (Snooks Hats) presentation they were invited to try.  Certainly an interesting, informative and fun afternoon.

Monday, 17 July
Our own Lynda Beazer was the speaker for our final meeting before the August break.  Lynda spoke about "Casualties Union", a registered charity and independent voluntary organisation, that provides acting and reacting casualties and patients for the medical profession, emergency services and those teaching first aid, nursing and rescue.  We listened to the experiences of Lynda and her sisters during their involvement with this amazing charity.

Monday, 19 June
Paula Tuff and her colleague informed members of the history of the Prout Bridge Project, as well as an insight into the amazing work they do in Beaminster.

Monday, 13 May
Margie Barbour gave a very interesting talk on her life as a presenter.  There were many fond memories and some no longer politically correct memories.

Monday, 17 April
"Annual Meeting"

Monday, 20 March
Charlie Groves attended the March meeting and presented the members with a most interesting talk about the history of Groves, and a little about plans for the future.

Monday, 20 February
Members were treated to a most enjoyable social evening consisting, in the main, of a delightful quiz, organised and presented by Brian Earl.  True to say that members learned as well as recalling!