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Jenny PrestonFederation Chairman

We are living in strange times at the moment, experiencing stringent guidelines from the Government, restricting our movement.  For many of us our lives have been turned upside down.  It feels strange not to be going about our usual day to day activities and has certainly made me think about just how much we take for granted.  However, all is not doom and gloom.

Many of us are learning new skills, some out of necessity, which we never we thought we had a need of before – how many of us have suddenly become home hairdressers for instance?  I have a project that I intended starting when I retired and this might just be the time I finally get round to it – I'm not going to share it in case it doesn’t happen!  Please let us know what you and your WI have been doing.  I'm sure there are some interesting and inventive ideas out there.

I hope you’re all hand washing as advised. I’ve been doing an experiment with this. I found that singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice only takes about 10 seconds so I tried the ‘National Anthem’ - much more patriotic - and that takes 20 seconds singing at a reasonable speed.  I’ve also tried ‘Jerusalem’, and that takes 40 seconds!

Joking aside, we just need to follow Government guidelines and look out for anyone in our communities and WIs who may be vulnerable.  Do consider making a phone call to anyone you know who is on their own and may not have a wide circle of friends or family. That phone call could well make someone’s day.

It remains for me to say that as frustrating as this lock down may be we will come out the other side.  The world will be a changed place but the WI will go on and we, as individuals, will be stronger for the experience.

In the meantime take care, stay safe and stay well until things are back to normal.

Federation Chairman

County Office details shown at the bottom of this page remain unchanged as we hope "normality" will be resumed as soon as possible.  Please note, however, that the office is not running as normal so a little patience may be required in the event you need to make contact.

Please bear with us during these unprecedented times..


NFWI  is pleased to advise that the Officers elected are :

Jenny Preston, Federation Chairman
Linda Barber, Vice Chairman
Kath Burt, Federation Treasurer

Sub-committees Chairmen and Vice Chairmen :

Events Committee Chairman :  Margaret Bunch
Vice Chairman :  Jean Filby

Membership & Support Committee Chairman :  Yvonne Marsh
Vice Chairmen :  Lyn Coleman & Jan Watson

Jackie Brown

To contact us :

Office via e-mail : federationsecretary@dorsetwi.org
Office telephone : 01305 266366
Office open : Tue & Wed - 10.00am to 1.00pm, 2.00pm to 4.00pm
  Thu - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Office address : DFWI, County House, 18 Crown Street West,
Poundbury, Dorset DT1 3DW

If you are in Dorchester do visit our office and we will be pleased to assist you.