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Welcome to Child Okeford  WI

We are a lively and busy group with a cross section of ages and there is a great deal of fun, entertainment, creativity and/or education to be found at our meetings.  We have a growing membership of over 35 members from within the village and from our neighbouring villages, including Shroton, Shilllingstone, Ashmore, Iwerne Steepleton and Okeford Fitzpaine .  We are a friendly group with many members relatively new to the area. Being a WI member is a great way to make new friends locally and maybe try some new activities

The WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, to take part in a wide variety of activities and to campaign on issues that matter to our communities.

Our activities are non-party political, non-denominational and include support for local as well as national events.

At each of our monthly meetings we have interesting range of  informative speakers (including local and national concerns and issues); entertainment, creative sessions, and/or educational event; a raffle; and, of course, a tea break and chat.

We enjoy taking part in village activities, and supporting village activities, including the pantomime, Octoberfest, Hey Day, etc and are known for our fashionable and appropriate headwear for these events.

What Else: Other activities outside of the regular meeting include Walking Group, Craft, Walking Netball, Skittles, Kurling – you can be kept very busy! – they may incur an additional cost and may be subject to change.  We are always ready to listen to members' suggestions for new things to do

Does what we do interest you even a little? Then why not come along to a meeting or two for a taster? Visitors are very welcome to come to a meeting to meet us and see what we get up to.  

We meet at Child Okeford Community Centre on the second Monday of every month (subject to Bank Holidays not clashing) at 2.00pm.  We try to provide a varied programme of speakers and activities arranged by our Social Team, and there is always some social time at each meeting.

The Dorset Federation also arranges a varied programme of events and there are opportunities for many interests.  The WI provides members with many different opportunities (see below).

The WI has a long history of campaigning and each year at the National Federation WI a resolution chosen by members is put forward for debate and if the membership votes in favour then this becomes a mandate that will be worked on both locally and nationally.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our meetings.

Walking Netball:  Wednesday evenings from 5-6pm.  

There are also various WI activities across the Dorset region that members can sign up for, from talks to local walks, skittles to golf competitions, art & craft events, theatre trips and outings – both home and abroad.

We also support local events such as the Village pantomime and our local village fete. We always have a stall and we are always busy!  We even have a Skittles team and a Kurling team!  

We balance producing great refreshments for events with actively supporting local and national campaigns as well as having fun and enjoying each others company

Our varied activities are recorded on our the NEWS page on our own website . www.childokefordwi.wordpress.com

Have a look at what we get up to!

Meetings last no longer that 2 hours.

Visitors to our meetings are most welcome and the fee is £3.50