Our programme

The Programme of Events

Check out our Event Programme page on our own website www.childokefordwi.wordpress.com

During the year we are asked to participate in other events or provide support : we are very flexible!

Other Events and LinksThis includes Craft groups, sporting and fitness activities, Beacon Group, Dorset federation.

Other Events

Child Okeford WI Groups

See our website for details of our Craft Club; Walking Netball; Skittles; Kurling; Bowls and everything else we are doing and arranging ourselves.

Beacon Group

We are also a Member of the Beacon Group.  This group consists of 5 WI's in North Dorset Child Okeford WI, East Orchard and Margaret Marsh WI, Sixpenny Handley WI, SWIM (Sutton Waldron and Iwerne Minster) WI and Tarrant Gunville WI.  All members of these WI's are invited to Beacon Group events.  

Please see their events calendar here: https://www.thewi.org.uk/become-a-member/structure-of-the-wi/england/dorset/group-news

Dorset Federation Events

Dorset Federation regularly hold events, competitions, craft and Digital team events to which all Child Okeford Members receive invitations.  Their information can be found on their facebook page:  or here: https://www.thewi.org.uk/become-a-member/structure-of-the-wi/england/dorset/events

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